The international symposium "State, Work, and Affects" was held from January 28 to January 29, 2016 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. We were happy to welcome more than 70 participants from over seven countries from different academic disciplines as well as participants who worked in state institutions.


The symposium was kicked off with a Keynote from Birgit Sauer from the University of Vienna on "Work as happy object? Affective governmentality and the case of public employment service". The first panel "Affect management and resistance in public service work" asked how public service workers deal with managerial ideas, unwillingness of clients, ambivalence, worries of clients and subversity. The first day of the symposium was concluded with the keynote "Governing the poor. From affects to morals" by Vincent Dubois from the University of Strasbourg.


Emotional labor in private sector service work, its consequences for the employees as well as its relations to class, gender and identity were thoroughly discussed in the second panel. The concepts of affective economies, affective citizenship, affective capital and affective remuneration which were presented in the third panel impressivly showed the intertwining of the state, work and affects.


The last panel on the "Politics on Intimacy" emphasized how affects and emotions play a role in state work, public service work as well as care work. Finally, Marek Korczynski's keynote stressed the prominent role of the customer in service interactions ("Developing the conceptualization of work organization to include worker-customer relations").


We are delighted to announce international symposium „State, Work, and Affects“ which will be held from January 28-29, 2016 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. We are looking forward to welcoming three highly renowned keynote speakers: Birgit Sauer (University of Vienna), Vincent Dubois (University of Strasbourg) and Marek Korczynski (University of Nottingham). International researchers from various disciplines will discuss theoretical and empirical research that revolves around major transformations in the economic and political fields of the global North: the tremendous growth of service industries, service professions and immaterial labor; the liberalization of public services and transformation of bureaucracies into service providers; encouraging entrepreneurialism, competition, and activation as well as the growing importance of emotions and affects within the economy.


Please see the program for further details and follow this link for registration for the symposium.

Please find our presentations for the 3sR-Conference in Munich, for International Labour Process Conference, for Gender, Work & Organization Conference and for the ESPAnet Conference in Oslo here.

We are happy to announce the preliminary program for the Symposium "State, Work and Affects" that will be held at the Vienna University of Business and Economics from January 28-29, 2016.

Preliminary Program Symposium "State, Work and Affects"

We are looking forward to presenting our research project at several conferences this year. In April we will be attending the 32nd International Labour Process Conference at King’s College in London. In June we will discuss our findings at the 8th Biennal International Interdisciplinary Conference of Gender, Work and Organization at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK. In July we will speak at the 23rd World Congress of Political Science in Montréal, Canada.


The respective abstracts are available here.